Who is “imapretzzah”

Okay so…. I like, no, I love pretzels. I love pretzels, very much. Pretzels are the bomb. Though if pretzels are going to be bombs, they’re probably going to be the best bombs- nuclear bombs. 😀

Soooooo, this is my first blog. Please, please please forgive my mistakes and stuff. I don’t even know where to start. The first post was an emotional release… LOL 😛

I just had to *let it all out😀

Why is it called random paperblogs and what can be found on this very awesome blog?

One. Random… you will find very random stuff. Poems, haikus, quotes, essays, my high school speech- wait what? and other stuff. I’ll put them in categories (as soon as I learn how to)

Two. I used to (and still do) write “paper blogs”. It’s writing stuff on whatever piece of paper I find, then just pinning it or taping it up anywhere or maybe just folding it and inserting it in books or something… probably my physics book though.

Three. I write and read a lot. So, you’ll probably see book references or other book stuff on here.

Four. Music. Music is a big, big part of my life. You’ll certainly see a lot of song references and maybe an original composition or something.  *fingers crossed*

That’s pretty much it…

Oh, I’m Elli by the way. Hahahahha 😀 almost forgot about that.


50 Smart Celebrities Who Went to Ivy League Schools


Let’s clear something up: Just because you’re a wildly successful Hollywood star doesn’t mean you’re not smart. In fact, there are plenty of actors who not only have solid educations to back them up, but attended Ivy League schools.

MORE: Short Celebrities! 30 Starlets That Are 5’3 Or Under

Some of these stars we already know are brainy—Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones are both Harvard grads, and Emma Watson famously made the decision to go to school at Brown University in 2009. But others are more under-the-radar: Did you know, for example, that “Glee” funny lady Jane Lynch went to Cornell University, or that Mindy Kaling graduated from Dartmouth?

MORE: 35 Celebrities Who Were Sorority Girls in College

Click through the gallery above to see 50 super-smart celebrities who went to Ivy League schools!

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Every Stressed College Student: Stop and Read This Now

Thought Catalog

The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games

Before you read this, take a moment. Make a list of 5 things (simple things) you are grateful for.

Ready, go.

Now read:

Dear fellow academians, nerdy engineers, hopeful future doctors, lawyers, movers, and shakers of the world, college students enduring the final round of hunger games (higher education edition), this is your reality check:

It’s finals week and you’re all stressed to the brim of your intellectual capacity. You have 4 exams, 3 papers, a thesis proposal, research presentation, and 975 other things you’d rather do, all weighing you down like an anchor strapped to your waist. You’re stressed, and you’re anxious. You may be at your breaking point, and if you’re like I was this morning, you may be crying into your morning Americano at the Starbucks in the city’s center over the fact that your life is just a shitshow extravaganza right now. If…

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18 Unexpected Perks Of Being The Middle Child


Thought Catalog


There are thousands of essays and studies done on “Middle Child Syndrome” and the stereotype of the neglected second-born. I was born five years after my older sister, who served as the family’s only golden child during that half a decade before my birth. Nine months after I was born, my mother became pregnant with my second sister. I hadn’t even begun talking before my younger sister stole my spotlight. That being said, I wouldn’t trade my birth order for anything in the world. I don’t have a “syndrome” or a complex, and I’m not “stuck” in the middle. I have two best friends who have no choice but to kiss my cheeks in cheesy family pictures.

1. Middle children are normally in the middle of photographs and the fireplace mantle. Overlooked and neglected? More like front, center, and distinguished.

2. 52% of presidents are middle-borns. The thought of…

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Kept ’till Death

Behind her smiles, are tears unshed

Underneath her laughter, are word unsaid.

She walks with the crowd and blends with the scene

She takes on the world like no one has seen.

Though bruised and broken, she walks with her stride.

Hoping that all the pain, she could hide


She’s closed off to the world because she knows what is true.

And how people you trust could easily break you.

She keeps things that should not be kept.

And she is judged, every time she cried and wept.

Who could she trust? Who could she tell?

To her this place, isn’t far from hell.


Each day she prays, that someone will see

That she is broken under everything she is thought to be.

She hopes that somewhere, someday,

Her prince will come and take her away.

To his palace, and treat her like a queen

And take her to places where at her happiest she is seen.


But she doesn’t think this is true

For she isn’t someone a prince would woo.

So instead, she keeps her head held high

And shows the world she doesn’t cry.

Even though deep inside, she just wishes to die,

And to leave without a goodbye.

24 Reasons The Middle Child Is (By Far) The Coolest Child


Thought Catalog

1. You Bathe In The Sea of Low Expectations

If your older sibling is smart, the family success story is already taken care of. If your older sibling is dumb, just chalk it up to the genes.

2. You Do Real Weird Stuff, Just Because

Be it telling people to meet at odd-numbered times (I’m a sucker for scheduling meetups at 8:12, or 1:53), or walking five miles for no apparent reason, being a middle child is predicated around doing everything you possibly can to stand out from the elder, while ensuring that you’re not grouped in the same pairing as the younger.

3. You Might Be More Responsible Than Your Older Sibling

You’ve been afforded the luxury to sit back, snack on on the less healthy household goodies your parents started buying for your younger sibling*, and watch your older sibling fuck up. Bearing witness to his or her…

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11 Things That Only Happen When You’re The Middle Child

These things give me a purpose in life…. 🙂

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.59.30 AM

1. People forget that you’re there

Not really. I mean, kinda, but I think we make that whole thing up. It’s our thing. Kinda like the how New York Jets’ things is terrible fans.

2. You grow up fast, but stay young for much longer

Particularly in the teenage years, middle children lead strange double lives; nights might be spent hanging out with people a few years your senior, getting exposed to things that you’ll be able to brag about to your 10th grade cafeteria table.

The days though, are often spent watching Disney channel.

3. You fall in an awkward parenting limbo

As we all know, parents care less about their crazy rules by the time the youngest kid comes around. As the middle child, you often fall in between these rules. So you may still have curfew, but might be treated to a fridge full of junk…

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