24 Reasons The Middle Child Is (By Far) The Coolest Child


Thought Catalog

1. You Bathe In The Sea of Low Expectations

If your older sibling is smart, the family success story is already taken care of. If your older sibling is dumb, just chalk it up to the genes.

2. You Do Real Weird Stuff, Just Because

Be it telling people to meet at odd-numbered times (I’m a sucker for scheduling meetups at 8:12, or 1:53), or walking five miles for no apparent reason, being a middle child is predicated around doing everything you possibly can to stand out from the elder, while ensuring that you’re not grouped in the same pairing as the younger.

3. You Might Be More Responsible Than Your Older Sibling

You’ve been afforded the luxury to sit back, snack on on the less healthy household goodies your parents started buying for your younger sibling*, and watch your older sibling fuck up. Bearing witness to his or her…

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