Kept ’till Death

Behind her smiles, are tears unshed

Underneath her laughter, are word unsaid.

She walks with the crowd and blends with the scene

She takes on the world like no one has seen.

Though bruised and broken, she walks with her stride.

Hoping that all the pain, she could hide


She’s closed off to the world because she knows what is true.

And how people you trust could easily break you.

She keeps things that should not be kept.

And she is judged, every time she cried and wept.

Who could she trust? Who could she tell?

To her this place, isn’t far from hell.


Each day she prays, that someone will see

That she is broken under everything she is thought to be.

She hopes that somewhere, someday,

Her prince will come and take her away.

To his palace, and treat her like a queen

And take her to places where at her happiest she is seen.


But she doesn’t think this is true

For she isn’t someone a prince would woo.

So instead, she keeps her head held high

And shows the world she doesn’t cry.

Even though deep inside, she just wishes to die,

And to leave without a goodbye.