Life isn’t about

What’s in or what’s out

Who’s hot and who’s not

Not even the new things you’ve bought


But the people who love you

And those who love you too.

The memories that you share,

nothing would ever compare.


Challenges will come to you

And facing them is the only thing to do.

So, stay strong, hang on…

..push through and move on.


Smallest things, Greatest achievements

It is always thought that achievements are marked or symbolized by medals or certificates or by number of likes you have on your post. That great achievements are the big things, the big attention-seeking things.

But really just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s worthy. I mean, little things go a long way. When I was younger, I made it my goal to make my successes big. And at that time The bigger, the better right?

Truthfully, though, a big achievement is just little things together. Some people think that ranks or medals will define how great you are. The thing is that the real achievement isn’t being first in a competition or in class, but is having the courage to even try.

Most people would think that winning something will define how good you are at that certain thing, it just defines how much time, energy and effort you’ve put in to get what you deserve.

Little things count the most. Helping others is a small thing, but it is a great achievement. A lot of people would think that the cent they give to the people on the street isn’t going to be much, but it would go a long way. Or that the offer of carrying the groceries for your mom would probably mean nothing to them, but it means a lot. Being happy is not something everyone could do. Being happy is a privilege, not everyone could be happy where they are… because not everyone could be contented of where they are or what they have. If you are contented with who you are, and when what you have is suffice- then you are happy, and that counts as an achievement. Being alive. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how unlucky you feel or how unfairly you think life is treating you, YOU ARE ALIVE!

What I’m trying to say is that, being the best at something or being awarded or given a medal to aren’t going to be as meaningful to you in the long run as the little things would. Life won’t care about how many A’s you got on your card, or how many hot dogs you can eat in a minute (in fact this could probably kill you) or how many times you could jump on a jump rope, or how fast you could run (unless you’re being chased down by meat-eating animals). The things that would be useful for you in life are little things, the abstract things, the unseeable things- courage, love, will, happiness, contented-ness. And these are only some of those things.

Be grateful that you have achieved living up to how old you are now, and that you are here… reading this blog. Be grateful that you have accomplished being happy as early in your life as you could.

YOU ARE HERE. Shouldn’t that count as something?

Smile! 🙂