Who is “imapretzzah”

Okay so…. I like, no, I love pretzels. I love pretzels, very much. Pretzels are the bomb. Though if pretzels are going to be bombs, they’re probably going to be the best bombs- nuclear bombs. 😀

Soooooo, this is my first blog. Please, please please forgive my mistakes and stuff. I don’t even know where to start. The first post was an emotional release… LOL 😛

I just had to *let it all out😀

Why is it called random paperblogs and what can be found on this very awesome blog?

One. Random… you will find very random stuff. Poems, haikus, quotes, essays, my high school speech- wait what? and other stuff. I’ll put them in categories (as soon as I learn how to)

Two. I used to (and still do) write “paper blogs”. It’s writing stuff on whatever piece of paper I find, then just pinning it or taping it up anywhere or maybe just folding it and inserting it in books or something… probably my physics book though.

Three. I write and read a lot. So, you’ll probably see book references or other book stuff on here.

Four. Music. Music is a big, big part of my life. You’ll certainly see a lot of song references and maybe an original composition or something.  *fingers crossed*

That’s pretty much it…

Oh, I’m Elli by the way. Hahahahha 😀 almost forgot about that.